Why Conduct a Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

Understanding the capabilities and training needs of existing personnel is essential for staff selection, allocation to roles and team creation/enhancement. It is also essential as part quality management and of a framework to ensure that all individuals and teams are completing KYC to a consistent standard and a good level of quality.

The Lysis Service

Lysis can conduct a training needs assessment (TNA) which includes some or all of:

The multiple-choice KYC Knowledge Test(s) and the TNA Questionnaires would be rolled out on-line using the Lysis Learning Management System which makes the process simple and efficient and allows automated marking of the KYC Knowledge Tests (KYCKT).

The output is a detailed report highlighting strengths, weakness and training requirements and can include data on each individual as required.

Option 1 – KYC Knowledge test

Option 1 is limited to a KYC Knowledge Test of the team followed up with a report to summarise the results and draw conclusions.  Data on each individual can be provided as required.

Lysis loads c.60 questions from our extensive database of questions in to a bespoke on-line exam. The team receive a link to the on-line questions and are typically given 45-60 minutes to complete the KYCKT over an elapsed period of 3-5 days.

Lysis then prepares a report summarising the results and drawing conclusions.

Option 2 – Full Training Needs Assessment

The full TNA process includes the KYCKT described in Option 1 above and additionally surveys and interviews with KYC analysts, KYC managers and internal customers within the firm (e.g. front office and compliance).

By means of the surveys, Lysis systematically collects the opinions of the main project stakeholders with respect to the learning requirements. It is important that survey participants are selected on the basis of having a good level of knowledge about the subject, either at a managerial level or at a practitioner level (hands-on execution).

The survey questionnaires are followed by face to face (or phone/video) interviews with the same representative sample to discuss the outcome of the questionnaires and establish:

Lysis then prepare a report summarizing the results of both the KYCKT and the questionnaires and interviews and drawing conclusions.