• Access to large network of experienced COB/KYC staff in major financial centres
  • Access to trainee resources in all locations via Lysis Academy
  • Vetting of all candidates using bespoke PRISM aptitude benchmarks
  • Recruitment process driven by experienced COB/KYC staff


  • Lysis Academy provides full COB/KYC training to new analysts (c.3 months) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for experienced staff
  • Ongoing training programme means constant supply of COB/ KYC analysts
  • Theoretical and practical training including High Risk/EDD Enhanced Due Diligence, best practice, client policy and systems training
  • Ongoing Root-Cause-Analysis and re-training as part of QA framework


  • Trained analysts are ready to be deployed in client’s COB/KYC operations either in-house or in off-/near-shore locations
  • Resources across all skill levels provided, including COB/KYC Operations Management, Policy SMEs, QA and Analysts
  • Inexperienced resources teamed with experienced personnel in Toyoto cells
  • Rigorous QA framework, remedial training and certified CPD ensure high quality results
  • The objective of the Hire-Train-Deploy model is to provide trained and competent KYC Analysts to clients with minimal lead times and ready-to-work-on production cases.
  • The model supports hire-train-deploy for a combination of experienced and inexperienced staff allowing your firm to achieve the optimal balance of cost versus quality.
  • Hire personnel with the right potential for the roles to be filled. Lysis can either execute this independently or work with the client Bank’s HR function.
  • Train and certify the personnel as required via Lysis Academy training programmes.
  • Deploy the personnel on to the client Bank’s production floor. Lysis can either manage the deployment process or support the client Bank’s management in this process.